Dr. Nyri Bakkalian: LGBTQIA Creator Spotlight

Real Women of Gaming

It has been said that people should know their history or be doomed to repeat it. That is one reason why historians are so important. Historians who can utilize new ways to teach others and share their passion are doing some very important work, particularly right now.

One such person is Dr.Nyri Bakkalian. Dr.Bakkalian is an Armenian-American queer woman whose field of study and training is military history. That is, in and of itself, just really cool! The study of military history gives so much insight into what a country valued at the time, where it’s money was going and how citizens were really thought of at the time. Like many historians Dr. Bakkalian has been publishing her findings in multiple places, a list of which can be found in the article linked above. Something a little different that she is doing however is a podcast. There the…

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