How to Support #FridayNightHistory and More

Folks, Season 1 of Friday Night History is coming to a close soon– though the series itself has been running for exactly 2 years as of my writing these words. The stats on for the podcast tell me that it’s had just shy of 1000 listens in total, and hey, that’s not bad for a new podcast that only really got launched this January!

I’ve been a freelance author, artist, and historian for 4 years now, and when I think of how many different platforms I have a presence on these days, it’s a little wild to think back to being a brand new, bewildered former academic unsure of how to make this whole business-on-the-internet thing work. I podcast, I stream on Twitch, I have ebooks and audiobooks on and Gumroad, I’ve been commissioned for translation and research work and have published articles, short stories, and even my first novel!

That’s all thanks to readers and listeners and viewers like you. My goal is to make this my fulltime job, and you’ve helped me make serious progress in that direction.

Hyōjōgawara in Sendai (1919) by Kawase Hasui

I have plans for further endeavors in the near future. My publisher is pushing me to put forth my novel Grey Dawn for awards, first of all. Second, I will be hosting the first of what will– given sufficient interest– be many digital workshops. My first history book — built out of my dissertation but expanded and revised with a general audience in mind– needs editing, and further resources. I want to take out adspace to bring bigger audiences to the podcast, the Twitch streams, and this blog. All of that comes at a cost– but we can make them happen, with your support.

You can sign up for as low as $1/month on Patreon, become a Twitch subscriber or send me some bits there, buy some of my merch, buy one of my audiobooks on Gumroad or, or buy my novel Grey Dawn from the publisher or in ebook form.

All of this– as with your support thus far– can make it possible to grow not only the podcast but the rest of my publishing, streaming, writing, and other endeavors.

You are the best damn people a girl could hope to work for, friends. Thank you. You are the wind beneath my wings.

More soon.

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