Anthrocon 2023: Come say hi!

Hey, it’s been awhile!

This is just a post to let you all know that I will be present Urban Fox Tales from Old Japan: A Sendai Kitsune Romp at Anthrocon 2023, here in Pittsburgh. Scheduling is still TBD, but for updates, check out

Anthrocon is a good time whether or not one is furry– and the display of artistic, literary, and technical achievement there always benefits my own work. If you’re there, I look forward to seeing you.

My work on Miyagi folklore in general and Sendai’s folklore in particular has greatly benefited from Mihara Ryokichi, who helped save kokeshi dolls as an art form, and gathered a great deal of his region’s folklore that was at risk of being lost altogether. To learn more about him, read on in my article for Unseen Japan:

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