Social Media Realignment

With the implosion of the birdsite, I’m doing some social media realignment. So, here’s where you can find my most active presences:

Thank you for your understanding– let’s rise to the challenge and make the most of this moment!

#DidYouKnow: The Imperial Oxen

#DidYouKnow? Early in his career as daimyo of Sendai, with his sights still on a longshot bid to conquer Japan, Date Masamune set up an upper-upper-room (jōjōdan no ma) in Sendai Castle and a stable of oxen for the imperial carriage (hōren), all with the intention of receiving Emperor Goyōzei with appropriate pomp.

The room and oxen were on standby until 1868.

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Friday Night History #52 (S2E19): “Shrine Aggregator”

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On Heian-era bureaucracy, celestial and terrestrial paperwork, and an aggregator for shrines. The latest #FridayNightHistory is “Shrine Aggregator,” and you can listen at–Shrine-Aggregator-e1q39g8 or wherever you get your podcasts.

So Now What?

So a rich manbaby took over Twitter, and is tearing it apart in realtime. Some of my most loyal followers, on that platform where I’d worked hard for years to build a following, are already gone. There’s nothing quite like Twitter out there.

So the obligatory question becomes…now what?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’m not leaving Twitter until they make me leave, and I am still not convinced that the guy isn’t going to try and sell off the company he himself admits he didn’t actually want to buy. Obviously, finding other platforms where people are going is a good idea, but that requires necessarily starting from scratch. This requires time and attention and in some cases money, all of which are in short supply for me, running a one-woman operation.

I am now on Cohost, at , and you’re welcome to follow me there. It’s not the same as Twitter– it feels more like Tumblr and Livejournal were in their better days– but it’s a new platform being grown slowly and steadily, and I like that.

I’m on Mastodon, but in between instances at the moment, and Mastodon’s got a learning curve that means not everyone’s gonna be going there.

I’m on Patreon of course, at, where I recently picked up again with #FridayNightHistory:

Beyond that, I’m in the same platforms I’ve always been on, trying to figure out how to pick up and keep going. But as I watch Twitter die, I can’t help but feel angry.

I was managing, and then the wealthiest man in the world decided to come in like a sledgehammer, rather than do anything constructive.

None of this had to happen.

And yet, here we are.

Anthrocon 2022: Namahage!

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A Realignment of Sorts

Folks, hi– good to see you again. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

So in light of recent events on Twitter which I’m sure you’ve all heard of by now, I’ve been in the midst of something of a realignment. Not leaving any platforms, mind you, but simply realigning where I focus my energy in putting content up.

So I’m back to what will likely be regular content on here. Some of it will be integrated with Patreon, once I get the Patreon plug-in to play nice with my WordPress setup, but for now, expect more content in general, here. It’s a useful medium, and it doesn’t have a character limit like Twitter does, so I figure let me use it.

Plus, lots more images that won’t get cropped like Twitter does…

It also occurs to me that inasmuch as I have a Patreon, this blog is the nearest thing I have to an official website, so, I should be updating it, huh?

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Friday Night History, Episodes 30-36

Folks! I have news! #FridayNightHistory now goes up exclusively on Patreon as public posts! You can catch the episodes since the last I posted here via the following links:

Episode 30: Stumbling Over History

Episode 31: “To Whom does the Stonewall Belong?

Episode 32: Emperor Tōbu, Part One

Episode 33: Emperor Tōbu, Part Two

Episode 34 (S2E1): The Cat Who Would Be God

Episode 35 (S2E2): Kashikobuchi

Episode 36 (S2E3): The Fox Iroha of Okarimiya

Sparrow-dancing ever onward.

Updates will continue here as the new episodes go up, but will link to the Patreon side. Other posts will continue here on WordPress, as this is my primary public-facing blog. Thank you so much for reading the series, and please consider becoming a patron, becoming a Twitch subscriber, or sending a one-time donation via

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